Going to walk my new landscape…….and don’t look back. No returns to the faillure and imperfection that I left behind. Life seems to short for retrospections and musings. Art has long shared the assumption with theater that, in order to to be fully appreciated, exterior conditions must be forgotten. It has been said that one of the criteria for judging a play is the ability to forget how hard the chair is. My optimal portraitpainting – which i hopefully once will paint – has natural oblivion; before he knows where he is, the spectator forgets about this painted face’s location, its literary connotations, its formal relationship with other objects, and about the technical problems of its making. He goes full on in the pictured.

GULDENHEMEL LANDSCAPES 2000 -2010  – An overview from collections: Ten Hoor MoArt Collection Miami US, De Gier Lawyers Utrecht NL, Gemeente AA&Hunze Gieten NL, Rest. ‘De Leest’ Vaassen NL, Lemoine Group Boulogne-Billancourt FR, Coen Visser Holding Utrecht NL, CBK Drenthe Assen NL and m.o